Today in the city Salida 22.09.2017
Effort to Clean up Area Near Salt Lake Shelter to Cost $67M

A state strategy to curb violence and drug trafficking in a Salt Lake City neighborhood near an overcrowded downtown homeless shelter will cost $67 million.

Northwestern MutualVoice: Why Your Accountant, Lawyer and Financial Planner Should Talk

A number of people work with multiple professionals, from accountants to financial planners to attorneys—but are they talking to each other? They should be. Learn why it’s so important for the members...

For the iPhone 8, nothing should matter more than battery life

I do not care about your Super AMOLED, button-free, wireless-charging iPhone 8 fantasies. They mean nothing to me. I honestly just want more battery life — that's literally it.  I know. I'm...

Influential Station WBRU-Providence to Be Sold to Christian Radio Organization

Long-running Brown University station WBRU confirmed reports that the station will soon be sold, according to message on its website, although the current programming will continue online. While the s...

What Should We Be Teaching Young Children?

Many things can be learned just as well later — so the focus should be on ones that really need to be early, like languages, music and communication, says psychologist Tania Lombrozo.

Influencers Pick the Deadline-Day Deals Arsenal Should Hijack

The end of the transfer window is nigh, and Arsenal fans are casting their eyes around enviously at some of the deals other clubs look likely to pull off. As the recent 4-0 defeat to Liverpool showed,...

Should Whirlpool Get to Exploit the Home Field Advantage Against Foreign Competitors Samsung and LG?

What does it mean to be an American company and should regulation protect them at the expense of competition, quality and price?

London Should Rule Out 'Unthinkable' Brexit No-Deal: Scottish Government

EDINBURGH (Reuters) - Britain should rule out the possibility of leaving the EU without establishing terms of its future relationship with the bloc...

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